Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here & Now

Time and tide wait for nothing. We all know this old dictum and agree also. But how many of us really ready to accept this truth by heart. Leave intellect aside. Wahtever has gone, can not be corrected and what is in future, nobody knows. We have present moment in hand and how to use it for our welfare that is wisdom. We all have different perception of looking at present. Somebody thinks how I can use it to multiply my wealth, somebody thinks how I can use it to maintain my physical fitness, a spiritual person thinks how he/ she can use the present for upliftment of his/ herself. So perception varies from person to person.

Our great rishis in past have given ample emhasis on present. Lamenting over what has been gone is of no use. Learning from our mistakes and not to repeat them is wisdom. Fools learn when it is must but wise men learn when they can. This is life and this is wisdom.

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