Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Meditation

It is a very frequently asked question, why should we meditate? I would love to answer that question, but a little later. First, Would like to attempt to explain, what meditation is? What my Master Shri. P. Rajagopalachari has taught me that " Meditation means to think continuously about one thing". That is meditation. In our normal course of life also, we all meditate on something or the other. But, we do not know that it is meditation. For example, those who are career minded people, they keep on trying for it, until they achieve it. They are in to this with body mind and soul. Are not they meditating on it? They are. In same way those are in different profession, they too keep their eyes fixed on the aim and keep on striving till they reach at the destination.

So, " Meditation means to think continuously about one thing". Now, comes the question, why meditation? OK. I would like to place an example from mundane life. For example, mostly we all work on computer and we have experienced that if we continue to work on it for a long period of time, it gets heated. Our mind is also a tool,which works on and on. Have we ever thought that it may also get heated? No, we have not. But it gets. Of course it may not get heated like any other mechanical tool, but its heating is exhibited in the form of stress, which effects us. In today's life style, we all have to work and work and work, which leads to stress. Then how to check it? Yes, there comes the need of meditation- in common lay man parlance, I can say that after little practice, we can bring our mind in control. During meditation, our mind relaxes and recoups itself with new energy and gets fresh. That is what in common business world , we call " Stress Management". thus meditation. My Master has put this in very simple words " Mind is the source of all problems and mind has the solution of all the problems. So , if we can regulate our mind, we can see the miracle". Thus, meditation.

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